Saturday, August 15, 2009

BAPA July Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Bill & Kate D; Ron & Diane H; Bob & Dino R; Peg & Jeff L; Dick S; Fran & Alice L; Ralph & Betty K; Dave Kalwishky; Mark B; Ralph B.

Guest Paul Kimble was present who presented the program. He is with Wycliffe Bible translators in Brazil. He is a missionary pilot and mechanic with JARS.

The June meeting of BAPA was called to order by President Bill D.

The June minutes were presented and approved. Moved Fran, seconded Dino. Passed

Treasurer Report:
Income - 0 (dues)
Interest - .07
Expenses – zero
Balance on hand - $2,802.70
$120 of the balance on hand belongs to the Destination Iowa Flying Event (half goes to the winner and half goes to BAPA).
The finance report was approved.

Old Business:
1. Destination Iowa update. Mark has visited 59 airports to date.
2. Peg reported that Suzanne Richmond will be our October program. She teaches her aviation program every spring. Dave K. suggested that we combine this with the IA Aviation Promotion Group. They hold periodic IA Aviation Youth Camps. AOPA also has a youth program curriculum for such an event. It would also be nice if we could give airplane rides through the Young Eagles program. Dave left some printed information at the meeting regarding all these resources. There is a certificate that is available from the DOT of IA to show that the kids have gone through the program.
3. Dick reported on the patch order. He sent around a sample of the patch he ordered. Bill reported about vinyl stickers. A 4X6 inch sticker would be $5. They can be scaled to any size and the price would be accordingly.
4. We could use the vinyl sticker as a banner for BAPA when the next Farm Progress Show comes to Boone.
5. Two people (Jeff and ??) will be going to Decatur, Illinois to this year’s Farm Progress Show. They will be representing Boone there. They are looking for give a ways to promote Boone. They are short some funds to send the two people. It will cost about $900 to send the two. It is Sept. 1-3.

New Business:
1. Fran is taking names of people who would like to go to the Beads Lake Museum on August 16th at 2 PM (Saturday). Anyone who wishes to go needs to get their name in to Fran soon.
2. Fran reported a three day outing at the Alexis Inn Alexis Park Inn hotel at Iowa City near the end of August.
3. The week end of August 22, the Ankeny airport is holding a flight breakfast and the Ford Tri Motor airplane will be there.
4. Special mention was made about the Able Island airport pot luck fly in event. It is on the Mississippi river 2 miles north of Guttenburg on August 29th. The time is noon.
5. The August 18th meeting of BAPA will be a flying event. We will fly to Anita to eat at the restaurant there. Plans are to meet at Anita by 6PM in order for the return flight to be during daylight. Check with the Boone airport by 3 PM in case of bad weather. In case of bad weather, we will BBQ at BNW as usual on the 18th.
6. Future programs ideas are air to air photography and the new on line wings program.

Upcoming program schedule:
August – Ron Harland
September – Bob Baird
October – Peg.
November - open
December - Holiday party

Respectfully submitted.
Diane Harland