Sunday, August 10, 2014

2nd Annual Pilot Palooza, Saturday, August 23

Come out to Boone Municipal Airport from 2-7PM on Saturday, August 23 for the 2nd Annual "Iowa Pilot Palooza" !!

This free event for pilots, their families and friends (or anyone interesting in exploring aviation) returns to Boone Municipal Airport. Our first Pilot Palooza was much-enjoyed, so if you missed it last year don't miss out again!

WHAT IS PILOT PALOOZA? By pilots, for pilots, with aviation activities, pilot education, and FUN!

IS THIS A FLY-IN? No, it's an opportunity for pilots, their families and friends, and anyone interested in becoming a pilot to broaden their interests and explore options in aviation. Enjoy networking, view planes, sample burgers and brats, hear music, kick back and have fun!

2PM Aircraft arrivals 3:30PM Pilot forum: "So why should you jump out of a perfectly good airplane" by Steve Lawyer, Des Moines Skydivers
4:15PM Pilot forum: "What, no motor?" by Silent Knights Glider Club
5PM Break: Fun 'n' Food. Music by the Paul Navarra band, and food for purchase provided by the Boone Area Veterans Council
6PM Pilot forum: "Am I paranoid enough? Legal issues for pilots" by Rick Durden, aviation attorney and senior editor for Aviation Consumer Magazine
7PM Departures

ETC: Some seating will be provided, but try to bring your own lawn chairs. Flyers, bring tie-downs if windy. No rain date. See you there!

Sponsored by Iowa Aviation Promotion Group, CY Aviation, Boone Area Pilots Association, with support from the Iowa DOT's Office of Aviation. Contact: Chuck McDonald at 515-964-1398

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Boone City Council tours airport

On July 7 CY Aviation provided members of the Boone City Council with an inside look at the airport's operations and recently upgraded facilities. Participants were shown the newly-constructed hangars and given a short flight over Boone to demonstrate the airport's new GPS instrument approach. They also toured CY Aviation and W&C Aircraft. In addition to the Council, guests included Mayor John Slight, City Administrator Luke Nelson, and Carl Beyers of Snyder & Associates.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Remembering Flight 232: 25 Years Later (July 18-20)

Three days designed to reflect on when United Flight 232, en route from Denver to Chicago, crash-landed at Sioux City Airport on July 19, 1989. The events will focus on lessons learned in the emergency response and honor the 112 lives lost.

All events are free and open to the public.

The discussion "What Happened, What We’ve Learned, and What Has Changed" (Friday evening, 7PM) includes Flight 232's captain, Al Haynes, as well as Boone physician Dr. David Greco, among others. Captain Haynes is credited with saving 185 lives despite having lost all three of the DC-10's hydraulic control systems, a situation which made the plane nearly impossible to fly or land.

Click here for more information.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Al Haynes, hero of United Flight 232, to speak in WDM on April 22

A former pilot is coming back to visit Iowa 25 years after his plane crashed in Sioux City. Al Haynes will speak at the 2014 Iowa Aviation Conference. Haynes was the captain of United Flight 232 which crashed in July, 1989 at the Sioux Gateway Airport. The flight from Denver to Chicago suffered an engine failure and it crashed on the runway during an emergency landing. Sadly, 112 people died, but Captain Haynes was credited for saving 184 lives that day. Haynes will speak on April 22nd at the West Des Moines Sheraton. The event starts at 7 p.m., it's free and open to the public.

Minutes from March BAPA Meeting

18 Mar 2014 BAPA Meeting Minutes The weather allowed for outside grilling; we also had a good assortment of tasty potluck dishes. We reviewed and discussed BAPA involvement for the outing for the Boy Scouts’ Aviation badge. Dave Morgan is the primary contact. We are expecting approximately 150 scouts on 26 Apr 2014. The program will have 4 concurrent, 50 minute sessions. Each session will be directed toward a generalized area of aviation. Station 1-- Will deal primarily on the forces and dynamics of aircraft flight using models. Station 2-- Pre-flight inspections, planning, etc Station 3 -- Careers in aviation such as pilot, mechanic and ATC, etc. Station 4 -- The Scouts will “build” a balsa model, and decide which runway on a BNW mockup to use and discuss accordingly. This will be an opportunity to bring real world situations into the discussions. There will be six presentations for each session during the day so we will need reinforcements and any help will be appreciated. If you can help out on any of these sessions, contact Dave Morgan at 515-432-1018 and let him know your availability and area of interest. Some of the sessions will be held at the Guard facilities, some at our main FBO and some at W&C Aircraft coordinated by Keith Campbell. Talk to Keith directly if you wish to help out with touring of W&C Aircraft. Our treasurer reported us as being solvent and 2014 dues are due. They remain at $15/year for a member or family. You can pay dues at the meeting, leave dues with Dave or Connie, or send to Alice Laabs, 19599 515th Ave, Ames, IA 50014. The condition of the airport sign was discussed and who is responsible for upkeep. Fran volunteered to talk to Keith to determine more details. Future activities: 1) A weekend flyout to either Sully or Amana was discussed. Dates ruled out: Mothers Day and RV Day Flyin Day. We will be looking for a decision on date. Other suggestions are welcomed. 2) Farm Progress show will be at Boone this year, Aug. 26, 27 & 28—2014. Put this on your calendar and start considering if you are able to help out and in what capacity. 3) PilotPalooza will again be held this year. Details are yet to be firmed up. Chuck McDonald of the “Iowa Aviation Promotion Group” is helping out on this one. Contact Dave or Chuck for further details. Fran Laabs Secretary Pro-Tem