Friday, June 11, 2010

May BAPA minutes

BAPA Meeting Minutes 5-18-10

Members Present: Ron & Diane H; Frank D.; Fran & Alice L; Bill & Kate Durbin; Jeff L; Dick S.

The meeting was called to order by V Pres Fran.

The April minutes were presented and approved.

Financial Report:

    Deposits: Dues 10.00

    Expenses: 00.00

    Balances on hand: Checking 430.45

    Cash 29.52

    Money Market CD 2107.38

    Total Assets: 2567.35

Old Business:

    1. The results of the hanger dance were discussed. It was considered a success.
    2. Landscaping has been done around the airport sign. Thanks to everyone who helped. More will be done this fall.

New Business:

    1. The 2010 program is as follows:

      June – Rosene

      July – open

      August –plan for Farm Progress Show

      Sept – Younger’s

      Oct – open

      Nov –open

      Dec –Christmas Party

The meeting was adjourned and the meeting was turned over to Bill D. who had the program.

Bill announced the winner of the spot landing competition. Those participating were Bill, Frank, Jeff, Fran, & Ron. Frank D. was the winner. Congratulations Frank!

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Harland