Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BAPA minutes for March 2010

BAPA Meeting Minutes 3-16-10

Members Present: Ron & Diane H; Kelley K.; Lisa K & Connie Y; Charlie L; Dick S; Bill & Kate D; Ralph & Betty K.

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Kelly.

The February minutes were presented and approved.

There was no financial report.

Old Business:

    1. March 9th Kelley reported on his meeting with the Boone school board regarding our providing flights to the winners of the essays.
    2. BAPA will pick the top 6 first place winners from the chosen 18 for front seat rides.
    3. Essay topic ideas suggested by club members were: What does aviation do for our community; Exploring Iowa from the Air; Why is the Airport Important To Our Community; Exploring Career Opportunities in Aviation; Why I want to be a Pilot.

New Business:

    1. A get well card was passed around for Jan Bortz. The club sends her our best wishes.
    2. An update was given on future Boone airport expansion an improvement plans.
    3. August 18th an AF Reunion is being planned by Dave Morgan and Keith Campbell.
    4. The 2010 program is as follows:

      Apr – Fran Laab

      May – Bill Durbin

      June – Rosene

      July – open

      August –plan for Farm Progress Show

      Sept – Youngers

      Oct – open

      Nov –open

      Dec –Christmas Party

The meeting was adjourned and the meeting was turned over to Dick S. who had the program. Dick had prepared a power point presentation on Nose Art on airplanes. There was a lot of history and many photographs of Nose Art through the years.

Respectfully submitted.

Diane Harland

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