Sunday, November 7, 2010

BAPA October Meeting Minutes

BAPA Meeting Minutes 10-19-10

Members Present: Ron & Diane H; Fran & Alice L; Dick S; Bob & Dino R; Kelley K; Connie Y; Lisa K;

1. Pres. Kelley called the meeting to order.
2. Bob R gave the financial report.
Treasurer’s Report was presented by Bob Rosene: Approved.
Income 10.00 dues
Expenses 23.00 flowers
85.58 coffee pots
Balances on Hand:
Checking $277.34
Cash On Hand 29.52
Money Market $2,107.38
Total Balances $2,414.24
3. Susie Richmond still wants to have plane rides for the 8th grade students that were not able to ride last summer. Plans are to do it on a Saturday in November.
4. The BAPA membership drive is still open. We have two who have joined. It was moved, seconded, and passed that new member dues for those who join between now and the end of the year apply to their 2011 dues in full.
5. Lisa discussed the Christmas party plans. We would like to have it December 14th as a first choice and December 7th as a second choice. Lisa will check the Gigglin Goat, the Gateway Hotel, and other restaurants and send out information to the club.
6. The program was presented by Harley Weyer about his time spent working with NASA.

Respectfully submitted.
Diane Harland

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