Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BAPA November meeting minutes

BAPA meeting minutes 11/16/10

Members present: Fran & Alice L; Bill D; Lisa & Connie Y; Ralph & Betty K; Dave & Lynn W.; Dick
S; Kelley K; Diane H; Andy & Deanne V; Bob & Dino R and Roger F.

1. President Kelley called the meeting to order.
2. Treasurer’s Report was presented by Bob Rosene: Approved.
20.00 dues
17.60 stamps
Balances on Hand:
Cash on Hand
Money Market $2,125.24
Total Balances $2456.25
3. Old Business: Lisa announced that the Christmas party will be December 14th at the
Iowa Stater Restaurant inside the Gateway Hotel, Intersection of Hwy 30 and University
Blvd, Ames. The plans are to have a social time at 6:30 with dinner starting at 7:00.
After the meal we will move down to the lobby area for our gift exchange. Tuesday’s
special is “$10 on Tuesday”. Their normal $20 entrees will be $10. The gift exchange
limit is $10. Please label the gift for man/woman/ or either. Lisa needs a head count by
Dec 7th for the restaurant.
4. New Business: The new slate of 2011 officers were announced (or railroaded)
President: Fran Laabs
Vice President: TBD
Treasurer: Alice Laabs
Secretary: Diane Harland
5. Lisa suggested that we fix up a care box for the military. It was decided to bring items
to the Christmas party for the care box. Suggestions were, Chap Stick, small hotel size
shampoos, lotions, etc. Lisa will be sending out more suggestions later after she gets a
list of needed items.
6. Bob R suggested that we raise the dues to $15.00 so we would have funds to help
charitable causes such as the military or food pantry. It was passed. Dues will be $15
per couple this coming year. You can bring the dues to the Christmas party on the 14th.
7. Kelley gave an update on giving Susie Richmond’s 8th grade students the promised ride
in a plane.

The meeting was adjourned and Dick Schneider gave the program on 1st generation German jet

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