Friday, January 28, 2011

BAPA January Meeting Minutes

BAPA meeting minutes 1/18/11

Members present: Fran & Alice L; Dick S; Bill D; Ron & Diane H; Lisa & Connie Y; Yoshi S; Ralph K; Kelley K; Frank D; and Charlie L.

1. President Fran called the meeting to order.
2. Treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer Alice Laabs: Approved.
Income: $100.00 dues
Balances on Hand:
Checking $431.49
Cash on Hand 32.02
CD 2125.24
Total Balance $2588.75

3. Old Business: Reminder that dues for 2011 are $15.00 per couple. These are now due and you can either leave them at the airport or mail them to Alice Laabs at: 19599 – 515th Ave, Ames, IA 50014.

4. Adam Danhauer’s letter was passed around thanking BAPA for the memorial donation of $100.00.

5. A care box was sent to Afghanistan filled with donated items of chap stick, small sample size of shampoos, lotions, etc. There were also some dog treats included because this box was sent to a canine unit. It was decided to continue collecting items to send another box as soon as this one is filled.

6. We are still planning on giving Susie Richmond’s 8th grade students the promised ride in a plane. Plans are to try to do this mid-late March.

7. New Business: Upcoming events:
Greenfield Chili Fly-In, on Jan 29th, 11-2 at the Iowa Aviation Museum.
The Farm Progress show is in Decatur IL this August 30, 31st. It would be nice for some of us to fly there to see how they handle the aviation traffic.
In September, the Blue Angels will be at the Lincoln NE Municipal Airport for an Air show Sept 10 & 11 commemorating the 10th anniversary of Sept 11th.
The Da Vinci exhibit will continue showing at the Des Moines Science Center until March 20, 2011.
RV Days is June 18th in Boone.
IA Falls fly-in breakfast omelets is July 4th from 7-10 AM.
“Thunder in the Valley”, Thunderbirds Air Show at Waterloo Airport, August 27, 28th.

8. Discussion was held on a flight breakfast hosted at CY aviation with the VFW providing sausage gravy and biscuits. This was tentatively set for May 21st from 7-10 AM
9. A sign up sheet was passed around for programs this year. There are still lots of opportunities for others to fill in the blanks.
January – Kelley K – WC Tour
February – Open
April-Ron H
May-Bill D
October-Connie Y
December-Christmas Party

Meeting was adjourned. Kelley K took us over to the North Hanger for a tour with Keith Campbell of WC Aircraft.

Respectively submitted,
Diane Harland, secretary

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