Sunday, December 28, 2008

Allen Darrow's 2008 Champ Arrived in Boone

Allen Darrow is a new member of BAPA and owns a 2008 American Champion 7EC. Ever since moving his Champ from Carroll to Boone, where he is taking flight lessons, it seems the weather has turned against him. It is either windy or very cold or both. During the two months that he has had his airplane in Boone, Allen has logged only about ten hours flying and is beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms while waiting for better flying weather.
The Champion is a really nice airplane. It is powered by a Continental O-200 100 hp engine, has a full electrical system (battery, alternator, starter) and is complimented with an intercom, a Garmin communications radio and a 496 GPS. Toe-activated hydraulic brakes greatly simplify ground handling. With a gross weight of 1320 pounds, the Champ is legal for a Sport Pilot to fly.
Allen lives just east of the Guthrie Center airport and is exploring the possibilities of creating a grass runway somewhere closer to home.
Allen's Champ will have its first birthday this month (January 24). Stop by CY Aviation and take a look.

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